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The Best Ways on Using Backpacks

The backpacks are still the best in having your things organized. Backpacks are good in carrying books and supplies to evenly distribute the weight to your body. The pack will be supported by the back and abdominal muscles. Although backpacks are the best, it should be used properly to avoid health problems.

You should first consider the backpack’s construction. When choosing a bag, make sure that there are two straps which are padded to cross your shoulders. It is better if it has wide straps. In hiking situation, you should choose a backpack with a belt on the waist so that the weight will be evenly distributed across the body. To make the weight to be distributed more to the body, you should choose a backpack with several compartments.

Backpacks should be carried well. Before placing things in the backpack, make sure to adjust the straps to keep the bag closest to your bag once you wear it. Make sure that the pack does not bump your lower back or butt whenever you walk because it might be because the straps are overly long. Also, you should load the heaviest things closest to you. Make sure that you do not load the main compartment with all the things but distribute the weight by putting other stuff to the compartment on the side of the backpack. You should also put the two straps over your shoulders. If the bag is too heavy for you, get some books and carry it with your bare hands.

There are backpacks with wheels that you can also try. A lot of kids would want to have these kind of backpacks because they will not have to carry the bags over their shoulders anymore.

There are lockers that you can use. Do not try to put all the books in your bags the whole time. Leave the things that you do not need as of the moment to your locker and just go get it back when you need it again. You need to make a limit on how much weight you need to put in your bag. The bag should not exceed 10-15% of your own body weight. To determine the weight of your body and your backpack, you can use your own bathroom scale.

You should properly pick up the backpack by only flexing your knees and not your back.
Activities such as training and yoga will help you stabilize your muscles like the lower back and abdominal muscles, which helps in strengthening your core.

There are the ways of how to properly use backpacks day by day in order to avoid complications. I hope this will help you choose the right backpack for you.

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